Bread of Life Bible Studies

These Bible studies are offered by WELS Special Ministries and the Prison Ministry Committee specifically for jail/prison use. While these studies are prepared for use in jails and prisons they might also be used in other situations. These Bible studies are copyrighted by WELS Special Ministries.  They may be reproduced for individual class use but are not to be published or sold without the express written permission of the WELS CSM.

The Bible studies are offered in electronic form so the teacher can customize the lesson to his/her student’s need.  The Bible text for each lesson is printed out so the class is not disturbed by the use of various translations.  The NIrV was chosen because it more closely meets the education level of the average incarcerated person.  In a few cases there is a “longer” and a “shorter” lesson on the same topic.  The teacher can choose the lesson based on the amount of time available for the class.

If you have suggestions for other studies that might be added please contact WELS CSM.  Because these studies were designed for use by lay volunteers they include a teacher’s guide with each lesson.

God bless your efforts to share God’s Word!


  1. Bible Stories
  2. The Christian Life
  3. Prayer
  4. The Christian Church Year
  5. Life Skills
  6. Parables of Our Lord
  7. People of the Bible
  8. Psalms
  9. The Sermon on the Mount
  10. The Ten Commandments
  11. Women of the Bible