OWLS Senior Convention

The Lutheran Convention for Seniors 2021

We Will Tell the Next Generation the Praiseworthy Deeds of the Lord

The Lutheran Convention for Seniors sponsored by the OWLS will be held October 19-22, 2021, at Martin Luther College and Best Western Plus in beautiful New Ulm, Minnesota. Martin Luther College is the WELS ministerial training school for pastors, teachers, and staff ministers. Our college has been serving this purpose for over 25 years, since the merger of Dr Martin Luther College with Northwestern College.

Pandemic precautions led to the cancellation of the 2020 Convention for Seniors. We were able to reschedule our convention plans for 2021. For the safety of all, COVID-19 vaccinations are recommended. Masks may be required on the MLC campus—exact requirements are not known at this time.

With the theme “We Will Tell the Next Generation the Praiseworthy Deeds of the Lord,” this year’s convention will give seniors insight into passing the faith to the next generation. Among the topics, speakers, and workshops are:

  • Lessons from the Immigrant Generation
  • Silencing the Skeptics: Martin Luther College at 25
  • What Christians need to Know about Evolution
  • Does Christian Pop Feed the Soul? Assessing the Texts of Contemporary Praise Songs
  • Music and the Arts at MLC
  • WELS Early Childhood Ministries
  • The WELS New Worship Project
  • WELS Q & A: A Helpful Resource for Individuals and Groups

Early arrivals at the convention can enjoy tours of MLC or historic New Ulm.

The convention is open to any WLS and ELS member who is 55 or over, retired or not, whether a member of OWLS or not. It’s an excellent chance for members of local senior ministries to get a larger perspective on ministry by seniors and for seniors. With plenty of time to make new friends and connect with friends from the past, the New Ulm convention promises to be a relaxing and enjoyable opportunity for seniors.

There are special price breaks for early paid registrations. Information about costs, convention workshops and downloadable registration and other forms can be found in the materials below.

Read about the 2019 convention.


Guidelines for Prison Ministry Projects and Donations

Individuals and groups can do much to support our sharing of Jesus with people impacted by incarceration. The resources found here give guidelines for ways to support and provide materials for this gospel outreach.

Resource Descriptions

  • Prison Mission Projects –WELS Prison Ministry operates because God’s people pray for us, volunteer their time, and give generously from their worldly treasure. Only 10 percent of our funding is provided from the WELS regular budget. Follow these guidelines to support the spread of God’s Word to hurting souls as an individual or a group.
  • Guidelines for Meditation donations – WELS Prison ministry redistributes gently used (less than one year old) Mediations, Time of Grace, and other devotional booklets. Please follow these guidelines.
  • Guidelines for cards, artwork, school projects. Inmates LOVE receiving encouragement from their younger brothers and sisters in Christ. Many have been abandoned by their families and have little if any contact with anyone, let alone children. These guidelines lay out ways anyone, including children, can share the love of Jesus.

Prison Ministry – Supplemental Printed Resources

In addition to our correspondence course material, WELS Prison Ministry offers a variety of additional resources that we offer free of charge to inmates and chaplains. Descriptions can be found in the document list below. Download sample portions of the documents from the package using the links below. Order copies of the supplemental material using the order form below.

Resource Descriptions

  • Scripture passages and prayer –Bible verses and prayers arranged by topics that apply to people affected by incarceration and other life crises. The downloadable sample is the chapter on forgiveness.
  • Facing Freedom – A wealth of spiritual and practical reminders and encouragement for soon to be released or released inmates. The downloadable sample is the chapter on decision making.
  • New Testament in Everyday American English. This translation of the original Greek text into everyday American English has been very popular among inmates and chaplains. The downloadable sample is John Chapter 3.
  • Water of Life Printed Bible Studies – A series of 30 Bible studies (6 modules of 5 lessons each) intended for recently released inmates (either individually or as a group) with a mentor or spiritually mature leader. Includes both participant sheets and leader guides printed together in a spiral bound notebook. Samples are available in the Ministry to the Released section.
  • La Promesa – A Summary of God’s Plan of Salvation in Spanish. The downloadable sample is “La Promesa – Tú tienes la paz” (The Promise – You Have Peace).

Use the order form to order printed copies of the Bible courses and other resources.


Prison Ministry – Newsletters

Learn more about Prison Ministry work and how it is making a difference in the lives of inmates.

Prison Ministry – Printed Material Order Form

A complete list of Bible Teaching Series Bible studies and resources can be found on the order form below.  All of the Bible studies were designed for use in jails and prisons.  They require no instructor; a student can complete a course working independently.  At the end of each Bible study is a test that can be mailed to WELS Prison Ministry.  Volunteers will go over the test and give the prisoner feedback on his answers, and WELS Prison Ministry will send the next course in the series.

Bible study samples are available for preview here.

For more information, contact Prison Ministries.

PO Box 452
New Ulm, MN 56073
Telephone: 507-354-3130
Fax: 507-354-3219

Love in Action

WELS Special Ministries
Showing God’s love to those with special needs or in special circumstances

In these pages, you’ll learn about the eight areas of WELS Special Ministries:

  • Visually Impaired
  • Care for Called Workers
  • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Mental Health
  • Health and Wellness
  • Prison Ministry
  • Military Services

Funding for the programs you’ll learn about in these pages comes from people like you, who have a heart to share Christ’s love with those who may face hurdles in worship and in life. Our special ministries are primarily supported by special offerings from individuals and groups.


To order FREE copies of the Love in Action booklet, e-mail WELS Special Ministries at specialministries@wels.net.

Ministry to the Aging Bible Study

The four lesson Ministry to the Aging Bible Study series can be used to start a congregational ministry to shut ins or to revitalize church members who are carrying out ministry to the aging.

MDHH – Parent and Teacher Resources

Parent/Teacher resources include:

  • A list of available Bible story picture books
  • Jesus Loves the Little Children coloring book. (Free upon request)
  • Numerous sign language activity ideas can be found at teacherspayteachers.com.

MDHH – Interpreter Resources

Resources for interpreters include:

More signs for hymns and liturgy from Christian Worship are available here.

Find sign suggestions for additional hymns.

Sign to the Lord a New Song, a dictionary of religious signs, is available from Northwestern Publishing House.

MDHH – Contemporary Hymns Glossed

Includes sign suggestions for several contemporary hymns.