Love in Action

WELS Special Ministries
Showing God’s love to those with special needs or in special circumstances

In these pages, you’ll learn about the eight areas of WELS Special Ministries:

  • Visually Impaired
  • Care for Called Workers
  • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Mental Health
  • Health and Wellness
  • Prison Ministry
  • Military Services

Funding for the programs you’ll learn about in these pages comes from people like you, who have a heart to share Christ’s love with those who may face hurdles in worship and in life. Our special ministries are primarily supported by special offerings from individuals and groups.


To order FREE copies of the Love in Action booklet, e-mail WELS Special Ministries at [email protected].

Military Occasions and National Holiday Resources

An Introduction to the Military Ministry Prayers and Liturgies

Busy pastors have sometimes asked WELS Military Services if some ready resources of prayers and orders of service related to our nation and our Armed Forces could be prepared. In this folder you find our beginning answer to that request.

What you find offered here are our suggestions and ideas. You can improve on them. Perhaps in these files you may find some idea starters. On other occasions, when you look at your schedule, you may decide to use some of this work just the way it is. If you discover some typos, or have suggestions on how we might improve a work—or a suggestion for another topic, please let us know.

If you have prepared something that you think others may benefit from using, please submit it to us.

May the Lord richly bless your efforts to serve him by serving his people!

Rev. Paul Horn
National Civilian Chaplain to the Military
Armed Forces Liaison of WELS Military Services
[email protected]

Ministry to the Military Resources

This Resource Center will be useful to military members as well as those who serve them. Congregations who want to promote military ministry will also find posters and other helpful materials.

Christians who are in the military should view the videos “Staying Close to God’s Word While in the Military” and “How to have religious services on base.” A downloadable flyer, also titled “How to have religious services on base,” has information that has been successful in helping civilian pastors gain access to serve military members of his faith upon their request.

Military members will find valuable guidance about witnessing to their faith in the downloadable flyer, “How to share your faith in the military.”

Military Contact Pastors stationed near an installation or pastors who are trying to serve their members who are in the military should view the video “Providing services on a military installation” and download the flyer with the same title. It is also wise to view the other resources on this page, including materials recommended above to members in the military.

Congregations who want to promote military ministry will find it helpful to post the downloadable Military Referral Poster, review the downloadable “How to minister to those who serve” and “Military Mission Projects.” A video about ministering to those who serve can be found here.

Resources include:

  • “A Pastor Looks at PTSD”
  • GOODnewsletter
  • “Spiritual  Implications for PTSD and TBI”
  • Military Mission Projects
  • Military Referral Poster
  • For the WELS Service Member: How to have religious services on base
  • For the WELS Service Member: How to share your faith in the military
  • For the Military Contact Pastor: Providing services on a military installation
  • For WELS Congregations: Ministering to those who serve

Find other available military resources at the following links:


Military Services brochures are available upon request. Simply email your name, address, and the quantity desired to [email protected].