Love in Action

WELS Special Ministries
Showing God’s love to those with special needs or in special circumstances

In these pages, you’ll learn about the eight areas of WELS Special Ministries:

  • Visually Impaired
  • Care for Called Workers
  • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Mental Health
  • Health and Wellness
  • Prison Ministry
  • Military Services

Funding for the programs you’ll learn about in these pages comes from people like you, who have a heart to share Christ’s love with those who may face hurdles in worship and in life. Our special ministries are primarily supported by special offerings from individuals and groups.


To order FREE copies of the Love in Action booklet, e-mail WELS Special Ministries at [email protected].

MDHH – Parent and Teacher Resources

Parent/Teacher resources include:

  • A list of available Bible story picture books
  • Jesus Loves the Little Children coloring book. (Free upon request)
  • Numerous sign language activity ideas can be found at

MDHH – Interpreter Resources

Resources for interpreters include:

More signs for hymns and liturgy from Christian Worship are available here.

Find sign suggestions for additional hymns.

Sign to the Lord a New Song, a dictionary of religious signs, is available from Northwestern Publishing House.

MDHH – Contemporary Hymns Glossed

Includes sign suggestions for several contemporary hymns.

MDHH – Hymns from Christian Worship Glossed

Includes sign suggestions for various hymns from Christian Worship.

MDHH – Resources for Congregations

Find useful articles for congregations regarding visual aids, sound systems, interpreters, and confirmation classes for the deaf and hard of hearing.

For even more help, see the module Ministering to People Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing on the Congregational Services website.

More resources are available for interpreters, parents, and teachers.

Mission for the deaf and hard of hearing

Resources to help those who are deaf and hard of hearing worship and spread the word.

  • View a PowerPoint presentation (available below) sharing “10 Things to Know About Ministry to People with Hearing Loss.”
  • Read the introduction to By Grace Alone, an adult instruction manual. Please contact the Special Ministries office, 414-256-3241 for your copy.
  • Learn about hearing loops with the brochure “Understanding Hearing Loops.” Watch a video demonstrating the difference a loop can make.
  • Find lists of WELS churches serving the deaf and hard of hearing with sound induction loops and signed services in the online yearbook.
  • Learn how MDHH is here for YOU.