Care Committee for Called Workers (CCCW)

The resources on this page will be useful for starting a congregational Care Committee for Called Workers (CCCW) and for building loving, caring relationships with your called workers and their families.

The “Care to Care Manual” and DVD explain the work and provide sample questions to use in interviews with called workers. Three kinds of interviews are included: when a new called worker arrives, when the called worker is interviewed annually, and when the called worker transitions to a new call or to retirement. Copies of the Manual and DVD can also be ordered from Special Ministries. View the video here.

“Care to Plan” materials provide CCCW teams with resources to encourage called workers to prepare for retirement, or at least be informed about the resources available to them. “Care to Plan for Called Worker Retirement” will help the CCCW team, or another appropriate group, prepare to discuss retirement resources available to called workers. “Retirement Guide” is a resource that the CCCW can give called workers to inform them about the resources.



CCCW Retirement GuideDownload 
Care to Plan for Called Worker RetirementDownload 
Care to Care - A Letter to LeadersDownload 
Care to Care ManualDownload 
Care to Care DVD/CDDownload