Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Resources for ministry to those with Special Education needs.

Your Piece of the Autism Puzzle: Read the paper by Pastor Thomas Gumm to learn about working with members that have Autism Spectrum Disorder.

“He Cares, We Care” Mailing program: Many Christians who have developmental disabilities appreciate receiving letters and cards in the mail.  Use our online referral to enroll your loved one in a ministry-by-mail program which provides Christ-centered, simplified messages for those who are developmentally disabled.

What I Want and Need for My Child: Read a letter describing what parents want from a service provider.

Guidelines for Establishing a Special Needs Parents Network: Learn about setting up a support network for parents of special needs children.

Spokesperson Nomination Form - The Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Ministry is seeking several spokespersons who are members of the intellectual or developmental disability community to help encourage active participation of people with a disability within our congregations.


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Guidelines for Establishing a Special Needs Parents NetworkDownload 
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