Prison Ministry Self-Study Courses

A complete list of Prison Ministry Self-Study Bible Correspondence Course descriptions can be found in the document list below. All of the Bible courses were designed for use in jails and prisons. They require no instructor; a student can complete a course working independently. At the end of each Bible course is a test that can be mailed to WELS Prison Ministry. Volunteers will go over the test and give the prisoner feedback on his answers, and WELS Prison Ministry will send the next course in the series.

The Bible courses are published in two levels: Level 1 Bible course booklets will be mailed for at no charge to any prisoner or inmate and are available without charge to prison chaplains. Level 2 books are only distributed directly to inmates, though chaplains and others may order single copies for review and personal ministry uses. Order copies of the Bible course booklets or books. Find the order form here.

Sample portions of Level 1 courses—Dealing with Depression and Anxiety, The Death and Rising of Jesus Christ, Overcoming the Guilt of Sin, and Jesus is Lord, Addiction is Not—can be downloaded to give you an idea of the format of these books. We have included a sample portion of the Level 2 course The Lord Cares for Me—a study of Psalm 23 taught in narrative style. All samples are copyright by WELS Special Ministries and may not be published or sold without the expressed, written permission of WELS Special Ministries.

The Self-Study Bible Correspondence Courses were designed for use in jails and prisons; however, you will discover that with a few adaptations, they may also be used in other situations. Churches or individuals interested in purchasing Level 1 or Level 2 booklets for use outside of correctional facilities may purchase them from Northwestern Publishing House's Bible Teaching Series.

Looking for more Bible study options with inmates? Try the downloadable Bread of Life Bible Studies.

For more information, contact Prison Ministries.

PO Box 452
New Ulm, MN 56073

Telephone: 507-354-3130

Use the order form to order printed copies of the Bible courses and other resources.


Downloadable resources

Sample - Level 1: Dealing with Depression and Anxiety (Getting Started, chapter 1)Download 
Sample - Level 1: Jesus is Lord, Addiction is Not (introduction, chapters 1, 5)Download 
Sample - Level 1: The Death and Rising of Jesus Christ (chapter 6)Download 
Sample - Level 1: Overcoming the Guilt of Sin (chapter 1)Download 
Sample - Level 2: The Lord Cares (chapter 3)Download 
Course Descriptions - Level 1Download 
Course Descriptions - Level 2Download 
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