The Bread of Life – Parables

The following studies are from the Bread of Life Bible Studies series, which was created by WELS Prison Ministries. More studies from the Bread of Life series, along with background information, are available. Learn more.

Downloadable resources

1. God's Picture LanguageDownload 
1. God's Picture Language (teacher's guide)Download 
2. The Ten BridesmaidsDownload 
2. The Ten Bridesmaids (teacher's guide)Download 
3. The Good SamaritanDownload 
3. The Good Samaritan (teacher's guide)Download 
4. The Lost (Prodigal) SonDownload 
4. The Lost (Prodigal) Son (teacher's guide)Download 
5. The Clever ManagerDownload 
5. The Clever Manager (teacher's guide)Download 
6. The Workers in the VinardDownload 
6. The Workers in the Vineyard (teacher's guide)Download 
7. The Persistent WidowDownload 
The Persistent Widow (teacher's guide)Download 
8. The Rich FoolDownload 
8. The Rich Fool (teacher's guide)Download 
9. The Samaritan WomanDownload 
9. The Samaritan Woman (teacher's guide)Download 
10. The Sower and the Four Kinds of SoilDownload 
10. The Sower and the Four Kinds of Soil (teacher's guide)Download 
11. The Big DinnerDownload 
11. The Big Dinner (teacher's guide)Download 
12. The Wedding DinnerDownload 
12. The Wedding Dinner (teacher's guide)Download 
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